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A Photo of Pokimane

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Who is Pokimane?

Imane Anys famously known as Pokimane is a Moroccan-Canadian Internet personality.

She is notable for her live streams on Twitch, broadcasting video game content, most notably in League of Legends and Fortnite.
Any’s is a co-founder and member of Offline TV, an online social entertainment group of content creators.

How Old is Pokimane?

She is 25 years old as of February 2022 having been born on May 14, 1996, in Morocco. Anys shares her birthdate with celebrities such as TheOdd1sOut, Miranda Cosgrove, Emery Bingham, Nicolette Durazzo, and many more.

Pokimane’s Family

Who are Pokimane’s Parents?

She was born to Mr. Anys (Father) who is a businessman by profession and Mrs. Anys who is a housewife.

Does Pokimane have any Siblings?

Imane on her youtube channel says she has a brother by the name of Mo.

Pokimane’s Education

Anys graduated from high school in 2005 but information regarding where she received her high school education is kept private. After graduating from high school she enrolled at McMaster University to study chemical engineering but dropped out later to pursue her streaming career full-time.

Pokimane’s Marital Status

She is currently single. In case of any new news regarding her status, we shall update it here as soon as possible.

A Photo of Pokimane
A Photo of Pokimane

Pokimane’s Kids

Due to her status being single, Anys doesn’t have children currently. But in case of any new news regarding her having kids, we shall update it here as soon as possible.

Pokimane’s Career

A Career at Twitch Streaming

In June 2013, Anys created her Twitch account. Later that year she began streaming with a $250 PC she bought off a classifieds website. This was after she reached Platinum rank in League of Legends. In 2017, she gained 450,000 followers on Twitch thereby earning her account a place within the 100 most followed on the platform. As a result of her account’s rise, she was named the Best Twitch Streamer of the Year by the Shorty Awards.

She had a brief appearance in a League of Legends trailer announcing a new game mode. Imane has been recognized to stream gameplay and commentary of Fortnite, through which she first streamed as part of a sponsorship. In 2018 at E3, Epic Games, Fortnite developers arranged a pro-am event. The event paired mainstream celebrities with streamers in a match of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode. Imane was paired with rapper Desiigner but shortly before the event, she was placed with Josh Hart (basketball player).

Imane addressed her declining amount of Fortnite streams, stating that she needed to “think about what I like or dislike about the content that I’ve been making in mid-March 2019. Twitch selected Anys as one of the 15 ambassadors for the 2018 iteration of their TwitchCon event in July 2018.Imane signed a multi-year exclusivity with Twitch in March 2020. She was then listed by Social Blade as the 9th most followed user on Twitch, with over 8.5 million followers as of 21 December 2021. As of July 2021, Anys had 8.5 million followers on Twitch. Anys Twitch account was suspended for 48 hours midway through an Avatar: The Last Airbender watch stream on January 8, 2020, following a DMCA claim from ViacomCBS. As of February 2022, Imane re-signed with Twitch.

A Career on Youtube

Apart from streaming on the Twitch platform, Imane also has multiple Youtube channels. These include Pokimane, Pokimane Too, Pokimane VODS, Poki ASMR, and imane. in 2021, Anys launched a new channel entitled “Imane”. The channel covers more personal topics and vlogs.

Other Ventures

It was announced in October 2019 that Anys, among other internet personalities, would appear in the film “Free Guy” directed by Shawn Levy. The film was released in August 2021. As a partner and creative director, Anys joined Markiplier and Jacksepticeye’s fashion brand cloak in June 2020. She then made a brief appearance in the music video for Bella Poarch’s song “Inferno” which was released in August 2021. It was announced that Imane had helped launch a talent management and brand consulting firm called RTS in October 2021 and that she would serve as the Chief Creative Officer.

Pokimane’s Height and Measurements

Adding up to her well-curved and beautiful body, she stands at a height of 5ft 4inches (1.63m) tall and a weight of 51kg (112lbs).

Pokimane’s Salary and Net Worth

Anys has a monthly salary of around $38,000 and her net worth is estimated to be between $2-3 million.