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A Photo of George R.R. Martin

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Who is George R. R. Martin?

George Raymond Richard Martin born George Raymond Martin also known as GRRM is an American eminent novelist, screenwriter, television producer, and short story writer. He is the author of the series of epic fantasy novels A Song of Ice and Fire which were adapted into the Emmy Award-winning HBO series Game of Thrones (2011 to 2019).

Moreover, he helped create the Wild Cards anthology series and contributed to worldbuilding for the 2022 video game Elden Ring. Lev Grossman of Time called Martin “the American Tolkien” in 2005, and in 2011, was included on the annual Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world.

How Old Is George R.R. Martin?

He is 73 years old as of August 2022, having been born on September 20, 1948, in Bayonne, New Jersey, U.S. Martin shares his birthdate with celebrities such as; Gabriella Lewitton, Katrina Stuart, Ellie Louise, Jaydan Armour, Tiko, and many more.

George R.R. Martin Family

Who are George R.R. Martin’s Parents?

He was born to Raymond Collins Martin (Father) a stevedore, and Margaret Brady Martin (Mother).

Does George R.R Martin have Siblings?

He has two younger sisters by the name Janet Martin and Darleen Martin.

A Photo of George R.R. Martin
A Photo of George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin Education

He received his high school education at Mary Jane Donohoe School and later Marist High School. After high school, he earned a B.S in journalism from Northwestern University in 1970. And graduated summa cum laude from Medill School of Journalism and went on to complete his M.S. in journalism in 1971.

George R.R. Martin Marital Status

He is married to the love of his life, Parris McBride, they married on February 15, 2011, during a small ceremony at their Santa Fe home. However, he was previously married to Gale Burnick, they married in 1975 but divorced in 1979.

George R.R. Martin Kids

He does not have any kids. In case there is new news regarding this matter, we will update it here as soon as possible.

George R.R. Martin Career

An Early Writing Career

In 1970, he began selling science fiction short stories professionally at age 21. His first sale was “The Hero” sold to Galaxy magazine and published in its February 1091 issue. Soon, other sales followed. In 1973, his first story to be nominated for the Hugo Award and Nebula Awards was “With Morning Comes Mistfall” which was published in Analog magazine. His story in 1975, “… for a single yesterday” about a post-apocalyptic time tripper was selected for inclusion in Epoch. In his early 20s, the short stories he was able to sell gave him some profit but not enough to pay bills which prevented him from becoming the full-time writer he wanted to be. From 1973 to 1976, he worked as a writer five days a week after chess tournaments only ran on Saturdays and Sundays.

A Teaching Career

Martin met English professor George Guthridge in the mid-`970s from Dubuque, Iowa at a science fiction convention in Milwaukee. Guthridge and Janet Berline won the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in 1998, in the Novel their Children of the Dusk. In turn, Guthridge helped Martin in finding a job at Clarke University (then Clarke College). Therefore Martin went on to be an instructor of English and journalism at Clarke from 1976 to 1978, and he became a Writer In Residence at the college from 1978 to 1979.

A Career Concentration on Writing

In late 1977, he enjoyed teaching but the sudden death of friend and fellow author Tom Reamy made Martin reevaluate his own life. Eventually, he decided to try to become a full-time writer. When his wife graduated from Clarke, Martin resigned from his job in 1979 and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Moreover, he is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SWFA). There, he served as the organization’s Southwest Regional Director from 1977 to 1979 and from 1996 to 1998, as its vice-president.

He recalled in 2017 that he had started writing science fiction-horror hybrids in the late 1970s to disprove a statement from a critic claiming that science fiction and horror were opposites and therefore incompatible. In 1979, he considered Sandkings the best known of these whereas the next year the novella Nightflyers whose screen and television rights were purchased by Vista in 1984. It then produced a 1987 film adaptation, Nightflyers with a screenplay co-written by Martin. Furthermore, he has written at least one piece of political-military fiction “Night of the Vampyres” collected in Harry Turtledove’s anthology The Best Military Science Fiction of the 20th Century (2001).

Career Continuation

Next, he published a vampire novel titled Fevre Dream in 1982. He followed this with another horror novel, The Armageddon Rag (1983). In 1989, he was hired as a writer-producer on the new dramatic fantasy series Beauty and the Beast. He went on and continued to become the show’s co-supervising producer and wrote 14 of its episodes. In his next work, he published a collection of short horror stories in Portraits of His Children in 1987. During this same period, he continued working in print media as a book-series editor.

This time round, overseeing the development of the multi-author Wild Cards book series which takes place in a shared universe. As of 2011, 21 Wild Cards volumes had been published in the series. And early that year, Martin signed the contract for the 22nd volume, Low Ball (2014) published by Tor Books. He then went on to sign another Tor Contract in early 2012, for the 23rd Wild Cards volume, High Stakes which was released in August 2016. Martin announced in August 2016, that Universal Cable Productions had acquired the rights to adapt the Wild Cards novels into a television series.

A Song of Ice and Fire Career

He briefly returned to writing novels in 1991. Thus he went on to write the epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, inspired by the Wars of the Roses, The Accursed Kings, and Ivanhoe. In 1996, the first A Game of Thrones was published followed by A Clash of Kings in 198, and A Storm of Swords in 2000. The fourth novel in the series, A Feast for Crows became The New York Times’ No.1 Bestseller in November 2005. On July 12, 2011, the fifth book, A Dance with Dragons was published and became an international bestseller including a No. 1 spot on the New York Times Bestseller List and many others. Martin announced on April 25, 2018, the release date of his new book Fire & Blood dealing with the history of House Targaryen which was released on November 20, 2018.

A Career at HBO Adaptation

In 2007, HBO Productions purchased the television rights for the A Song of Ice. And Fire series began airing fantasy series on their US premium cable channel on April 17, 2011. Titled Game of Thrones, it ran weekly for ten episodes each approximately an hour long. The first season was nominated for 13 Emmy Awards ultimately winning two: one for its opening title credits and for Peter Dinklage as Best Supporting Actor. Moreover, the first season was nominated for a 2012 Hugo Award, fantasy and science fiction’s oldest award.

It also went on to win the 2012 Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form at Chicon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention. The second season began airing on HBO in the US on April 1, 2012, based on the second A Song of Ice and Fire novel A Clash of Kings. Furthermore, the second season was nominated for 12 Emmy Awards including another Supporting Actor nomination for Dinklage. Moreover, it went on to win six of those Emmys in the Technical Arts categories.

The second-season episode “Blackwater” written by Martin was nominated in 2013 for the 2013 Hugo Award in the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form category. Seasons 5 and 6 each also won a dozen Emmy Awards including Outstanding Drama Series. All the seasons up to season 6 had all been aired by the end of 2016 (which premiered on April 24, 2016). And had aired on HBO. On July 18, 2016, the company confirmed that season 7 would consist of seven episodes. Instead of the usual ten and would later premiere than usual in mid-2017. On April 14, 2019, the first episode of season 8 was broadcast and the season had a total of six episodes.

A Producing Career

In addition to writing, he confirmed he would serve as an executive producer of the HBO television series in 2017. An adaptation of the 2010 science fantasy novel Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor. Moreover, he has contributed to the 2022 video game titled Elden Ring writing the worldbuilding aspects for it. It was reported in February 2021, that Martin and Kalinda Vazquez. Were developing a TV adaptation of Roadmarks by Roger Zelazny which Martin pitched to HBO in 2020. The next year in March, he signed an overall deal with HBO. There, he will serve as an executive producer of the Peacock TV adaptation in the development of his Wild Cards book series. In 2021, he served as one of the producers of the short film Night of the Cooters. Based on the eponymous short story by Howard Waldrop.


Martin launched a campaign on Prizeo in 2014, to raise funds for Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and the Food Depot of Santa Fe. He then announced in 2017, that he was funding The Miskatonic Scholarship.

George R.R. Martin Height and Measurements

Adding up to his well-built body is a height of 5ft 6inches (1.68m) and a weight of 80kg (176lbs).

George R.R. Martin’s Salary and Net Worth

He has an annual salary of $25 million and a net worth of $120 million.