Alain Wertheimer Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Children and Net Worth

A photo of Alain Wertheimer

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Who is Alain Wertheimer?

Alain Wertheimer is a famous French billionaire businessman who lives in New York City. Alain is the chairman and the biggest shareholder in Chanel. He chairs with his brother, Gérard who chairs the watch division. Chanel is a French luxury fashion house that was founded in 1910 by couturiere Coco Chanel.

Wertheimer has presided over the acquisition of several non-Chanel brands and is the co-owner of Chanel. The non-Chanel brands include Tanner Krolle saddles and leather goods, Eres Lingerie and beachwear, and Holland & Holland, a British gunmaker. Together with his brother, the Wertheimer brothers own French vineyards in France. The vineyards include Château Rauzan-Ségla in Margaux, and Château Canon in Saint-Émilion. The two vineyards have won rave reviews from oenophiles.

The Wertheimer brothers inherited and operate a Thoroughbred horse racing stable. They call it La Presle Farm or Wertheimer farm for racing in the United States. In France, it’s known as the Wertheimer et Frère partnership in France.

A photo of Alain Wertheimer
A photo of Alain Wertheimer

How Old Is Alain Wertheimer?

Alain was born on 28th September 1948. He is 73 years of age as of 2021. He shares his birthday with celebrities such as Vernee Watson, Naomi Watts, Hilary Duff, Jerrika Hinton, Young Jeezy, Phoebe Robinson, Morgan Cohen, and Olivia Jade, among others.

Alain Wertheimer’s Family

Who Are Alain Wertheimer’s Parents?

Alain was born to a Jewish family. He is the son of Jacques Wertheimer and Eliane Fischer. His father, Jacques was a famous French businessman who ran and inherited the House of Chanel perfume. Alain’s grandfather Pierre, was the co-founder of Chanel with Coco Chanel.

Does Alain Wertheimer Have Siblings?

Alain grew up in a family of two brothers and their half-brother Charles Heilbronn. He is in a partnership business with his brother Gérard Wertheimer.

Alain Wertheimer Education

Information regarding where Alain received his high school and college education still remain private.

Alain Wertheimer Wife

Wertheimer man to Brigitte Wertheimer. However, he does not disclose much information regarding his private life.

Alain Wertheimer Children

Wertheimer is a proud father of three children, Paloma, Olivette, and Juan. However, Alain does not disclose much information regarding his family.

How Tall is Alain Wertheimer

Despite being a famous billionaire, his height and measurements are not disclosed.

Alain Wertheimer’s Salary and Net Worth

Wertheimer has accumulated a net worth of about $45 billion from his private and family inherited business. He is among the most famous billionaires in the world.