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Who is Mike Crapo?

Michael Dean Crapo is a popular American lawyer and politician serving as the senior United States senator from Idaho, a seat he has held since 1999. Crapo previously served as the U.S representative for Idaho’s 2nd congressional district from 1993 to 1999 a member of the Republican Party.

He is a graduate of Brigham Young University and Harvard Law School born in Idaho Falls. Crapo practiced law in his home city throughout the 1980s while also maintaining an active role in local Republican politics.

His brother Terry Crapo was the majority leader in the Idaho House of Representatives from 1968 to 1972 and an influential political figure until his death from leukemia in 1982. Following his brother’s death, he was elected to the Idaho Senate in 1984. Crapo served as Senate president pro tempore from 1988 to 1992.

Crapo was elected to an open seat in Congress in 1992, representing Idaho’s 2nd congressional district in the House of Representatives. Following 3 terms in the House, he ran for the open seat in the U.S. Senate in 1998 when Dirk Kempthorne vacated it to run for Idaho governor.

He was elected with 70 of the vote and became the 1st Mormon to represent Idaho in the Senate. Crapo defeated his only opponent, write-in Democratic candidate Scott McClure, with 99 of the vote in 2004. He was reelected in 2010 with 71 votes, and in 2016 with 66 votes.

Early Political career

Crapo served for 1 year as a law clerk to Judge James M. Carter of the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit following graduating from law school. He then backed to Idaho to practice as a lawyer, attending his brother Terry Crapo’s law firm of Holden Kidwell Hahn and him in Idaho Falls. He became active in the Republican Party’s campaigns for seats in the State in 1980.

A photo of Mike Crapo
A photo of Mike Crapo

How old is Mike Crapo?

Crapo is 71 years old as of 2022, having been born on May 20, 1951, in Idaho Falls US. He shared his birthday with popular people such as Iker Casillas, Cher, and N.T.Rama Rao Jr. Timothy Olyphant, Jake Gleeson, James Stewart, Matt Czuchry, and others.

Mike Crapo Family

Who are Mike Crapo’s Parents?

Crapo was born and raised in Idaho Falls US to his parents Melba Olsen and George Lavelle Crapo.

Does Mike Crapo have Siblings?

Crapo has only one sibling in his family named Terry Crapo.

Mike Crapo Education

He joined a B.A. in political science from Brigham Young University in 1973 and a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1977.

Mike Crapo Spouse

He is currently married to Susan Hazleton since June 1974. They have been together for over 40 years.

Mike Crapo Kids

He has five children and three grandchildren with his wife Susan and he is distantly related to ‘Billy’ Durant, founder of General Motors.

Mike Crapo Height

Crapo height and weight are not available with the media.

His brother served in the Idaho House of Representatives for 4 years as majority leader from 1968 to 1972 and was considered a rising star in Idaho politics. Crapo ran for an open seat in the Idaho Senate following Terry’s death from leukemia in 1982.

He was elected to the State Senate in 1984, where he served until 1992. Senate President pro tempore Jim Risch unexpectedly lost reelection to the Idaho Senate, and Crapo was elected by his colleagues to the president’s position in 1988. He served as senate president pro tempore from 1988 to 1992.

Crapo served as acting governor of Idaho for 12 hours while Governor Cecil D. Andrus was out of the state testifying before Congress and Lieutenant Governor Butch Otter was out of the state on business for his employer, Simplot on January 27, 1989. Andrus, a Democrat, left Crapo a note saying, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. … P.S. The chair is comfortable, isn’t it.

Crapo was elected to Congress in 1992, representing Idaho’s 2nd congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. He served three terms from 1993 to 1999. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1998.

U.S. Senate


In 1998, Crapo was elected to the US Senate. He succeeded fellow Republican Dirk Kempthorne, who retired following 1 term to run for governor. As in his House campaigns in his, Senate bid his campaign made signs that had a macron placed over the a in his name to indicate its correct pronunciation. Crapo was reelected in 2004 with 99.2 of the vote. With the other 8 going to a write-in candidate, Democrat Scott McClure.

Crapo was reelected to a third term with 71% of the vote, defeating Democratic nominee P. Tom Sullivan and Constitution Party nominee Randy Bergquist in 2010.

Crapo was reelected to a fourth term with 66 of the vote, defeating Democratic nominee Jerry Sturgill and Constitution Party nominee Ray Writz in 2016. Following the Donald Trump and Billy Bush recording came to light, Crapo said he would not vote for Trump in October 2016. He later reversed that decision.



Crapo was 1 of 50 senators to vote to convict of impeachable offenses and to remove Bill Clinton from office on February 12, 1999.


Crapo served on the after Senate committees: Banking, Housing and Urban Development; Budget; Environment and Public Works; Indian Affairs; and Finance in the 111th Congress. He co-chairs the Senate Nuclear Caucus, the Canada-U.S. Inter-parliamentary Group the COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Caucus, which he founded; and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus.

On January 3, 2009, Crapo became the state’s senior senator when the 111th United States Congress convened, succeeding Larry Craig, who decided not to seek reelection. At the convening of the 112th United States Congress, Crapo ranked 39th in seniority in the Senate.

He opposed President Barack Obama’s health reform legislation, voted against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in December 2009, and voted against the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.


Crapo was 1 of 46 senators to vote against a bill that would have expanded background checks for all gun buyers. He voted with 40 Republicans and 5 Democrats to stop the passage of the bill in April 2013.

The New York Times noted that he became “something of a hero among advocates of bipartisanship” for his involvement in the “Gang of 6.

Crapo was one of 22 senators to sign a letter to President Donald Trump urging him to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement in 2017.


With less than 2 months to the next presidential election. Crapo voiced support for an immediate Senate vote on Trump’s nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy caused by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, once a “well-qualified candidate” was put 4th In September 2020.

For his tenure as the chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee during the 116th Congress. Crapo was given an “F” grade from the non-partisan Lugar Center’s Congressional Oversight Hearing Index.

He was participating in the certification of the 2021 United States Electoral College vote count. When Trump supporters stormed the United States Capito on January 6, 2021. In response, he named for “perpetrators” to be “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”.He opposed removing Trump from office, saying that the “country is too divided” and that invoking the 20-5th Amendment to the United States Constitution “would only make matters worse”.

Political positions

Crapo is considered politically conservative. The American Conservative Union’s Center for Legislative Accountability gives him a lifetime conservative rating of 91.30. Americans for Democratic Action gave him a liberalism score of 5 in 2020.


He supported a bill that made it illegal for minors to cross state lines. To get abortions in order to avoid parental consent laws, Crapo is anti-abortion. In 1998. He voted to restrict UN funding for population control policies in 2009. Crapo praised the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June 2022.


Crapo is a proponent of nuclear energy. He supports the nuclear energy projects at the Idaho National Laboratory. And helped work on the nuclear-related Senate bills known as the Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act and the Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act. The former bill helped establish the National Reactor Innovation Center at the INL.

Gun law

Crapo said that more gun control regulations would not curb violence in the United States in 2012. He also said that he supported efforts to improve mental health access rather than more gun laws.

Crapo had an “A+” rating from the National Rifle Association for his voting record on causes supported by the NR as of 2013. He attends 12 other senators vowing to filibuster any attempts by Democrats to introduce additional gun control regulations. In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting the same year. He also supported legislation to make open carry legal in National Parks.

The NRA praised Crapo for introducing the Hearing Protection Act, which would make access to gun silencers easier in January 2017.

In response to the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, he named for “solidarity” and praised 1st responders. The Hearing Protection Act bill was tabled in wake of the shooting.

United States Capitol attack

Crapo voted against creating an independent commission to investigate the 2021 United States Capitol attack on May 28, 2021.

Veteran Affairs

Crapo was one of only 11 senators to vote against the Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxins Act, a bill to expand VA health care and benefits for veterans exposed to burn pits and other toxic substances on August 2, 2022.

Mike Crapo’s Net Worth

An American lawyer and politician serving as the senior United States senator from Idaho, a seat he has held since 1999. His net worth is estimated to be $2.6 million as of 2022.