Axel Dumas Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Children and Net Worth

A photo of Axel Dumas

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  9. What is Axel’s net worth?

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Who is Axel Dumas?

Axel Dumas is a famous French business executive and billionaire and the chief executive officer of Hermès and a sixth-generation member of the Hermès-Dumas family. Axel began as an investment banker between 1995 and 1997 for Paribas in Beijing, China. Between 1997 and 1999, he invested in Paris and in New York City 1999 to 2003.

In 2003, Dumas landed a job at Hermès as an auditor. He assumed the office of the chief executive officer of the company’s jewelry division in 2006 and the CEO of the leather goods division in 2008. In June 2012, Axel was appointed as a chief operating officer and joint CEO of the company alongside Patrick Thomas. He succeeded Patrick in February 2014 as the CEO. Dumas is a sixth-generation member of the Hermès-Dumas family.

A photo of Axel Dumas
A photo of Axel Dumas

How Old Is Axel Dumas?

Dumas was born on July 3rd, 1970. He is 52 years of age as of 2022. Axel shares his birthday with celebrities such as Patrick Wilson, Julie Klausner, Kevin Hearn, Montel Williams, Tom Cruise, Betty Buckley, Gloria Allred, Corinne Joy, and Jason Genao, among others.

Axel Dumas Family

Who Are Axel Dumas’ Parents?

Axel was born to Olivier Dumas, a physician and the author of numerous articles about Jules Verne and Michele Martin. His ancestor was a German-French immigrant, Thierry Hermès, founder of Hermès in 1837. Dumas’ mother died in 2003. He has a cousin, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, the artistic director.

Despite being a famous billionaire, Dumas has managed to keep a low-key profile in matters regarding his siblings. In case there is news regarding this matter, we will update you as soon as possible.

Axel Dumas Education

Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine near Paris, Dumas attended local high school. He then enrolled at Paris-Sorbonne University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. He also earned a master’s degree in law from the same university. Axel graduated from Sciences Po and attended an executive program at the Harvard Business School.

Axel Dumas Wife

Dumas is married to a journalist for Libération, Elisabeth Franck. However, due to his secretive nature, he has managed to keep a low profile on matters regarding their marriage. Axel has no children.

How Tall Is Axel Dumas?

Adding to his well-built body, Dumas stands tall in stature. He is 1.73 meters tall.

Axel Dumas’s Salary and Net Worth

Dumas has managed to keep his income low-key, leaving many with unanswered questions. Axel is an heir to a 30 billion Euro fortune making him and his family France’s third richest family as of 2017. He has managed to accumulate an estimated net worth of $49.2 billion as of 2022.